Nepalese mercenaries desert Russian army over harsh conditions — Ukrainian Intelligence

Nepalese mercenary
Nepalese mercenary

Nepalese mercenaries have reportedly deserted from Russian military unit 29328 due to severe casualties, mistreatment by commanders, and unpaid wages, according to a May 1 report by the Ukrainian Defence Intelligence (HUR).

The HUR noted that these mercenaries were subjected to harsh treatment, including extrajudicial killings by field commanders for disobeying orders that they considered suicidal. Additionally, the mercenaries have not received the payments that were promised to them by the Russian military, leading to a mass desertion.

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Russian forces are actively searching for the deserters in occupied areas of Ukraine, particularly in Luhansk Oblast where the military unit was stationed, but with little success. Commanders of the Russian motorized rifle unit are reportedly justifying the desertion by falsely claiming the Nepalese left due to a supposed earthquake back in their home country.

However, the HUR highlighted that returning to Nepal from occupied Luhansk poses significant challenges for these individuals. Furthermore, upon return, the Nepalese could face legal repercussions in their country for participating in hostilities against Ukraine alongside the Russian army.

The situation has reportedly turned the lure of high salaries into a perilous trap for the Nepalese mercenaries, leaving them without a safe exit strategy.

Russian Nepal corps

Russia recruited about 15.000 Nepalese citizens for war against Ukraine, according to CNN. Many of them went to war because of high salaries the Kremlin promised foreigners.

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In December 2023, the Nepalese Foreign Ministry urged Russia not to enlist its citizens in the military, return the bodies of six soldiers killed in Ukraine, and compensate their families.

In January 2024, Nepal suspended issuing work permits in Russia and Ukraine after several of its citizens were killed on battlefields.

Nepal's Foreign Minister, Narayan Prakash Saud, said that his country was demanding compensation from Russia for at least 14 citizens killed in war against Ukraine on Jan. 25.

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