Neighbours: Toadie discovers Terese's betrayal

Episode 8991

UK and US release date: Thursday 15 February 2024 at 07:00 on Amazon Freevee

Australia airdate: Thursday 15 February 2024 at 16:00 on Channel 10 and 18:30 on 10 Peach

Having rushed over to comfort Paul in his time of need, Terese is caught by Lucy and Chelsea as she leaves. Upon arriving home to a worried Toadie, who had no idea where Terese had got to, Terese tells the first big lie of her marriage when she makes up a story to cover her absence.

Toadie is harbouring his own feelings of guilt, for having confided in Melanie about his frustration with Terese and the sympathy she's showing towards Paul.

Karl's disconcerted when he discovers that Toadie has chosen his ex-wife as a confidante, and gently warns Toadie that Terese would consider it a major betrayal if she were ever to find out about the conversation.

Later, in an attempt to cause trouble for Terese, Chelsea "accidentally" lets slip to Toadie that Terese visited Paul during the previous evening. Shocked and hurt, Toadie heads straight to the Kennedy house and confides in Melanie again.

Meanwhile, Paul is at rock bottom as he struggles to come to terms with the part he played in David's death. Lucy is due to head back to the US, but she knows there's no possible way she can leave Paul given the state he's currently in, even though it's going to be near impossible to juggle all her work and family commitments.

Chelsea continues to spar with Remi, who makes it very clear that Chelsea's on borrowed time at their place. When Lucy confides her frustration over needing to stay in Australia to look after Paul, Chelsea sees an opportunity for herself and arranges to move in with Paul Robinson.

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