Neighbours to the rescue as farmer's dogs caught in raging flood waters in Victoria

Teegan Dolling
Neighbours to the rescue as farmers dogs caught in raging flood waters in Victoria

Two dogs have been trapped for hours on a car’s roof in rapid floodwaters to the north of Melbourne.

Their owner’s four wheel drive was swept off the road near Romsey but, while emergency crews were called to save his pets, it was locals who came to the rescue.

A short cut to Sunbury became a long and exhausting rescue mission for Herbet Bettels and his two blue heelers.

He tried to cross the swollen river but his car was swept away.

The cattle farmer was able to get out but his two dogs, Red and Blue, became stranded.

“I was lucky I got out of the car through the window and the dogs followed me,” Mr Bettels said.

Throughout the ordeal the dogs moved from the roof of the car to the tree root with fears they were going to fall.

The State Emergency Service had to abandon the rescue mission as too dangerous so Mr Bettel’s’neighbours swung into action.

Both dogs seemed happy to be rescue at first but then Red became spooked, making the hard job even more difficult.

But finally, after five hours, they were both happily back on dry land.

Mr Bettels was able to pull himself out of the driver side window but the gushing water washed him 200 metres down stream.

And, despite losing his shoes in the ordeal, he walked two kilometres back to the main road where he was picked up by a stranger.

It will prove a trip to the bank the 80 year old and his dogs will never forget.