Neighbours: Terese confronts Melanie over her actions

Episode 8986

UK and US release date: Wednesday 07 February 2024 at 07:00 on Amazon Freevee

Australia airdate: Wednesday 07 February 2024 at 16:00 on Channel 10 and 18:30 on 10 Peach

Toadie continues to comfort Melanie in the wake of her altercation with Eden. As Toadie learns more about the traumatic experiences Melanie has been through since their break-up, his previous bitterness towards her dissolves.

He ends up staying the night, and in the cover of darkness, the two of them admit how much they've missed each other. This forces Toadie to draw a clear line in the sand and clearly tell Melanie that his future is now with Terese.

Terese is struggling to accept Toadie's continued support of Melanie, and admits to Mackenzie that it's making her angry. She's fallen back into old patterns and keeps reading Toadie's behaviour as deliberately hurtful, which makes her worried she'll do something she regrets.

When Toadie admits to Terese that Melanie pushed the limits with him during the previous night, Terese is given just the right reason to act out. Terese confronts Melanie, making it clear that her compassion has now expired. She'll no longer tolerate Melanie trying to steal Toadie.

Terese leaves Melanie confronted. Even though she's just defended her friendship with Toadie to Karl, Melanie is now forced to ask herself: has she been lying about her intentions?

Meanwhile, even though Chelsea is genuinely rocked by the news of David's death, she can't resist using it to her advantage: she plays up her grief to convince Remi and Cara that she should extend her stay. But Chelsea's rocked when Remi informs her that Paul's financial situation is not as secure at it appears.

Desperate to check if this true, Chelsea weasels her way into Terese's sympathies, and then learns that the holder of Paul's financial info is Terese and Paul's divorce lawyer, Toadie.

Elsewhere, Haz struggles to keep Mackenzie's mind off Hendrix and David, finding himself making mistakes at every turn. He accidentally makes Mackenzie hash browns (Hendrix's trademark), proposes a zombie movie marathon (Hendrix and Mackenzie's shared interest) and then takes her to Lassiters Lake (where Hendrix's ashes were scattered).

When Haz finally comes clean about his missteps, Mackenzie assures him that she hasn't been reading Haz's actions in that light at all.

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