Neighbours' Melanie Pearson to take a break from Erinsborough

melanie pearson returns in neighbours
Neighbours' Melanie Pearson to take a breakFremantle - Channel 5

Neighbours spoilers follow.

Neighbours' Melanie Pearson is set to take a break from Erinsborough amidst the drama with her ex-husband Toadie Rebecchi and his wife Terese Willis.

The trio have been having a hard time following Toadie cheating on Terese with Melanie. But now Terese has agreed to give Toadie a second chance and work on their broken marriage, Melanie is struggling.

In scenes airing on May 8 and 9, Melanie hides from Terese and Toadie when she spots them out. But she's sprung by Terese, who realises how much Melanie is hurting.

melanie pearson returns in neighbours
Fremantle - Channel 5

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Terese brings it up with Toadie, advising him to make peace with Melanie so that they can all move on.

Toadie offers a heartfelt apology to Melanie for the way he treated her, but she may need to put some distance between her and her ex to really heal.

Later in the week, Melanie completes her last day of community service but she's not sure what to do in the next phase of her life.

terese willis and toadie rebecchi in neighbours
Amazon Freevee / FremantleMedia Australia

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A chance remark from Paul Robinson prompts her to take her Drinks Divas van on a music festival circuit for five weeks. She intends to raise some money to help her move out of the Kennedys when she gets back.

With Karl and Susan's blessing, Melanie drives off in the van for an adventure.

Neighbours releases new episodes from Mondays to Thursdays for free on Amazon Freevee in the UK and US. In Australia, the show airs from Mondays to Thursdays at 4pm on Channel 10, with a 6.30pm repeat screening on 10 Peach.

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