Neighbours' 'hurtful' letter to family about young autistic girl

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A family says their autistic daughter has been targeted by neighbours who claim they are unable to work from home because of her “shrieking”.

Monica Newton, from Sacramento in the US state of California, told CBS this week she received a letter signed by her anonymous “neighbours” complaining about her six-year-old daughter, Kayla.

Kayla has non-verbal autism and communicates through noises and gestures, which help calm her down, Ms Newton said.

“Dear Neighbours, we reach out to you in the spirit of compassion, to address our concerns about the well-being of the neighbourhood,” the letter reads.

Sacramento mum Monica Newton is seen hugging Kayla while sitting next to husband Kevin.
Monica Newton and her family received an anonymous letter from "neighbours" complaining about her six-year-old daughter, Kayla. Source: CBS

“As you may or may not be aware, many of us are being affected by your daughter’s long period of shrieking throughout the day.

“Please know that we have empathy for your very difficult situation. Unfortunately, we are quite disturbed by this as it has a very real impact on our peace and quiet, as well as the enjoyment of our backyards.

“Many of us are working from home and are on video calls with out clients who can hear this distressing sound. We would be so appreciative if you could try to reduce the length of time and frequency of these episodes so that we may resume some periods of tranquility that we previously enjoyed.”

Ms Newton said the letter greatly hurt and offended her.

“It’s very hurtful to read that stuff. This is our child. If we could help her we would,” she said, adding she and her husband had spent years of people staring at their family in restaurants.

The crumpled letter left for the family complaining about Kayla's 'shrieking'. The little girl has autism.
Ms Newton said the letter greatly hurt and offended her. Source: CBS

“There’s a whole world people don’t see as parents like us experience day to day. That’s what I would share,” her husband, Kevin, told CBS.

The mum said she wanted to turn the incident into a teaching opportunity and for her neighbours to understand they were doing their best.

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