Neighbours fan spots huge spoiler in teaser for upcoming reboot

One viewer believes they know which two characters will tie the knot.

Neighbours fans are convinced a new teaser from the show’s upcoming reboot has “officially confirmed” a major fan theory involving two beloved characters.

A recent trailer for the highly-anticipated series return revealed that the season will begin with “a wedding to remember”, leaving fans to question who will be getting married.

Neighbours reboot poster.
Neighbours fans believe they’ve spotted a major spoiler in a new teaser for the reboot. Photo: Channel 10

One eagled-eyed viewer believes they’ve worked out the identity of the bride and groom after Digital Spy shared a ‘spoiler gallery’ featuring several snaps from the wedding.


Taking to a popular Facebook group, the fan pointed out that the wedding booklet Jane is holding in one of the images appears to have ‘Terese and Toadie’ written on the back.

Neighbours' Jane holding a wedding booklet that says 'Terese and Toadie'.
Jane’s wedding booklet appears to say ‘Terese and Toadie’. Photos: Channel 10/FremantleMedia Australia

How is this possible?

Fans would remember that last year’s feature-length final episode of Neighbours saw Toadie and Melanie tie the knot in a lake-side ceremony officiated by Susan.

Meanwhile, Paul and Terese had a turbulent marriage throughout the series but rekindled their relationship during the finale.

However, a recent trailer revealed that Neighbours will jump forward two years from when the finale took place, which means anything is possible.

What other evidence is there?

According to popular fan site Back to the Bay, 10 News First aired behind-the-scenes footage in April that showed Toadie moving his belongings from Number 30 to a house across the street.

Although it wasn’t confirmed where he was relocating, it was in the direction of Terese’s house at Number 22.

Meanwhile, it was recently revealed on social media that Lassiters Penthouse will feature in the reboot, suggesting Paul might still live there when the series returns.

Neighbours cast filming a scene on Ramsay Street.
10 News First shared footage in April showing Toadie moving house. Photo: 10 News First

What do other fans think?

After the wedding booklet detail was pointed out online, fans quickly took to the comments of the Facebook post to share their thoughts.

Some people argued that the wedding might be a “red herring” or even a “dream sequence”, while most agreed that the repairing is an odd choice seeing as the two characters rarely shared any scenes together in the original series.

“Can't see them as a couple!” one person wrote, followed by another who added, “Bad idea. This could spoil the relaunch for me”.

“There’s no way Toadie would end up with Terese. The chemistry would be zero,” a third remarked.

“This is totally wrong. Not even in a million years would this happen!” Someone else shared, while a different user commented, “Crazy storyline if it's true”.


Others said they were simply excited for the Channel 10 show to return on September 18 after just over a year off air.

“If nothing else it’s got everyone talking! We’ll find out exactly what’s going on soon enough,” a fan replied.

“Whatever the outcome, I can't bloody wait for it to be back in our lives. Soooooo excited and chuffed to bits,” another agreed.

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