Neighbours: Eden holds Melanie hostage

Episode 8985

UK and US release date: Tuesday 06 February 2024 at 07:00 on Amazon Freevee

Australia airdate: Tuesday 06 February 2024 at 16:00 on Channel 10 and 18:30 on 10 Peach

Holding Melanie hostage, Eden fruitlessly tries to ransack the Kennedy house for money. When Holly unexpectedly arrives home, Melanie shrieks a warning allowing her to get away and alert Andrew.

A furious Eden swipes at Melanie's arm with the scalpel. Noticing Eden is struggling with increasing levels of pain, Melanie offers Eden her pain medication. Eden rejects the pills and tapes Melanie's arms and legs to a chair.

Behind the cordon line on Ramsay Street, Karl suggests police attempt entry through the unlocked spare bedroom window. Toadie and Aaron are on board with the idea, but Andrew has orders to wait for the critical response team.

He allows the group to return to their houses, unaware that Toadie and Aaron plan to take matters into their own hands. Cottoning on, Terese implores Leo to talk them out of their heroics.

When Leo reminds Aaron that his daughter has already lost one dad, Toadie offers to go alone, despite Terese's pleas.

As the siege is under way, Paul is at the penthouse, reliving his interaction with Eden from a few nights ago.

In denial about his role in setting off the deadly chain of events, Paul directs his vitriol at Krista, reminding her that she dragged Eden into their lives – David would be alive if not for that. Full of self-loathing, Krista doesn't contradict him.

When Holly later checks in on her, Krista confesses that she's having a tough time, but David's teachings are helping to keep her strong.

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