Neighbours' Dex Varga-Murphy issues home truths in Felix story

dex and jj vargamurphy in neighbours
Neighbours' Dex Varga-Murphy issues home truthsAmazon Freevee / FremantleMedia Australia

Neighbours spoilers follow.

Dex Varga-Murphy issued some home truths on Neighbours, as the story with Felix Rodwell intensified.

Felix was arrested and sent back to jail earlier this month after violating his parole conditions, with his plan to steal building supplies backfiring.

Owing to his criminal past, Felix was advised by Remi and Cara to play no part in his son’s life, though JJ had expressed his enthusiasm to get to know his father.

remi, jj and dex varga murphy in neighbours
Amazon Freevee / FremantleMedia Australia

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Felix heeded Remi and Cara’s advice, leaving JJ devastated and feeling neglected. But there was a twist in the tale, as Dax overheard that the pair had influenced Felix’s decision, with the family at loggerheads ever since the discovery.

In next Tuesday’s (May 7) scenes, JJ is hurt as he doesn’t get the answers he was looking for, with both Remi and Cara defending their decision to keep Felix out of his life.

JJ goes to the family gym to channel his anger, with Andrew later lending him an ear as he sees the merits of each camp’s arguments.

After returning home, the family attempt another talk as they seek to reach a happy middle ground, but Remi and Cara refuse to budge on their position, leading JJ to storm off.

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Amazon Freevee / FremantleMedia Australia

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Cara and Remi later visit Dex, who admits that he can see where all parties are coming from, though he reminds the pair that they have a duty to listen to JJ.

Dex plainly states that Felix is a part of their lives whether they like it or not, leaving the mothers contemplating their decision and whether they should listen to what JJ is saying.

Will they continue to be immovable in their stance, or will the duo finally give in to JJ’s wishes?...

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