Neighbours: Aaron struggles with the tragedy

Episode 8984

UK and US release date: Monday 05 February 2024 at 07:00 on Amazon Freevee

Australia airdate: Monday 05 February 2024 at 16:00 on Channel 10 and 18:30 on 10 Peach

In the wake of David's death, Ramsay Street residents react and rally to help. While Nicolette busies herself to avoid falling apart, Aaron simmers quietly. When Wendy says that David died a hero, Aaron replies that there was nothing heroic about David choosing to leave their family.

Aaron later opens up to Mackenzie, who is also grappling with her resurfacing grief over Hendrix. Aaron is furious that David chose to save Eden's life over staying with him and Isla – he would rather David had to grapple with guilt and be alive than have absolution and be dead.

Aaron is grateful when Mackenzie reveals that she felt a similar anger when grieving Hendrix. As Aaron expresses the impossibility of doing life without his husband, Mackenzie can only cry with him.

Meanwhile, Terese goes on the care offensive with Paul. Battling his private guilt, Paul leaves Terese worried by his fierce silence. Toadie, thrown when Terese messages that she plans to stay with Paul longer, extends his own care to Melanie.

Knowing that Eden's involvement in David's death has added an extra layer of complexity for her, Toadie offers that he's just across the road if Melanie needs to talk.

Elsewhere, after Leo openly reflects on the loss of his twin to Krista, fuelled by anger, Krista visits Eden under police guard. Realising he is ignorant to David's death, she reveals the news, adding that Eden will never be part of her baby's life – he'll be too busy rotting in jail.

Later, Andrew interviews Eden who plays the role of reformed offender. Eden states that he is glad he risked his bail conditions to see Krista as it turns out she's the mother of his child-to-be.

When Andrew questions how Eden knew of Krista's pregnancy and whereabouts, Eden claims that he followed her from the hotel and overheard Leo and Krista discussing the pregnancy on their bush walk.

When Andrew later shares Eden's claim with Krista and Leo, they quickly assert that Eden was lying – they only talked about her pregnancy at the holiday house.

As Andrew investigates the mismatched stories, Paul pays Eden a visit, and vows that Eden will never be safe again – in jail or out.

Soon after, Melanie is alone at the Kennedy house when Eden appears, demanding her help. When Melanie refuses, Eden lunges at her with a scalpel insisting she help him… or else.

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