'Neglect' girl not ill prior to death: mum

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The mother of a young Adelaide girl, whose death is being investigated as a case of neglect, says her daughter showed no signs of illness.

Crystal Nowland says six-year-old Charlie always had a healthy appetite.

"She loved her mashed potatoes," Ms Rowland told the Adelaide Advertiser.

She said she had only learnt that Charlie had coeliac disease, an immune reaction to gluten, after her daughter died and she had also been told the girl had a hereditary heart condition.

Charlie was unresponsive at the family's Munno Para home early on Friday and died in hospital.

Five other children were also removed from the home and placed in care amid varying levels of concern for their wellbeing.

A police investigation into the girl's death was ongoing and the state government has established a review into various government agencies handling of the family's case.

Four agencies - child protection, housing, human services and education - all had interactions with the family.

Acting Premier Susan Close said it would be unhelpful for her to reveal details of those interactions at this stage but pledged to make public the review's findings.

"All of that will be made public, subject to any requirements of confidentiality for individuals and we will all know so we can make decisions about what needs to improve," she said.

"There has been multiple eyes on this family and I am frustrated and concerned given then, how is it that this child has died."

Detectives removed papers and other material from the family home on Wednesday, as part of the investigation.

Their focus is expected to be on whether charges should be laid.

They have declared Charlie's death a major crime and are treating it as a case of criminal neglect, an offence that carries a maximum jail term of life.

Deputy Police Commissioner Linda Williams said interim autopsy results raised concerns about the state of the girl's health and wellbeing at the time of her death.

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