What you need to consider before picking your baby's name

Eliza Velk
Junior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Choosing the name of your child can be one of the hardest and most crucial decisions you will ever make.

Will you go for something unique or traditional? Does the name have another meaning? Will it honour a family member? Is it easy to pronounce? These are just some of the questions that run through a parents’ mind when trying to pick a name for their child.

But did you know there are actually tests you can take to help you make the final decision?

Who knew there are actual tests you should do before picking the name of your baby.  Source: Getty

Yep, according to Mamamia, here are six things to consider before picking a name for your baby:

The ‘Playground’ Test

The first test is to imagine and even practice, yelling out the name across a playground –because chances are that this is what you’ll end up doing when your child runs rampage.

Basically, you’re testing to see if it sounds okay and making sure it’s not a name likely to be mistaken for something perhaps unflattering or inappropriate.

The ‘Bad Vibes’ Test

Most of the time we either like or dislike a name based on the associations that come with it. For instance, every time you have a bad encounter with a person, you’re often left with that lingering ‘bad vibe’ associated with their name.

So with this test, it’s up to you and your partner to run through the list of potential names and make sure neither of you has any negative associations with them.

Make sure the name isn’t associated with any bad vibes or questionable people. Source: Getty

The ‘Basic Internet’ Test

Similar to the bad vibes test, it’s recommended that you do a google search of your child’s full name just to check it’s not actually the name of some mad serial killer elsewhere or some other questionable person.

The ‘Can You Pronounce It and Spell It’ Test

Unique baby names are all the rage these days, but parents please, be kind to your child when it comes to the spelling and pronunciation.

Otherwise, both you and your child will have the annoying task of explaining and spelling out their name everytime you meet someone new.

The ‘popular names’ test

Be wary of what names are trending at the time you pick because ideally, you don’t want your child to be one of three Isabellas or Henrys in their class.

For your reference here are some baby names set to be huge in 2018. 

Consider the trending names at the time your baby is born and try to avoid the top ones.  Source: Getty

No food, stripper or offensive names

Be careful here, pick a name like Strawberry and you might just be could hindering your child’s potential – let’s be honest it would be a hard name to take seriously if you were an employer looking through a bunch of resumes.

Also best not to pick anything controversial or anything that may allude to common so-called ‘stripper names’ like princess or sparkle.

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