Nearly half of Queensland voters think Pauline Hanson would be a good Prime Minister

Nearly half of Queenslanders think Pauline Hanson addressed their concerns better than Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, according to poll results.

The One Nation Party’s growing popularity in the state has sent shockwaves through the major parties, as they attempt to win back Queensland voters.

On Saturday The Courier Mail published an opinion poll, which showed the voting intentions of 900 Queenslanders.
It showed most are fed up with Labor and the Coalition.

Almost half of Queenslanders feel Pauline Hanson would make a good Prime Minister. Photo: AAP

Taken on November 9-10, following Donald Trump’s election in the US, the poll indicated Queenslanders felt Pauline Hanson knew what was best for the state.

45 per cent of respondents felt Ms Hanson and One Nation addressed Queenslanders’ concerns better, compared to other parties.

46 per cent disagreed and nine per cent were unsure.

The LNP’s primary vote has fallen from 43.2 per cent after the July election to 39 per cent.

Political commentators aren't surprised by the poll result. Photo: AAP

One Nation’s vote has more than doubled from 5.5 per cent to 12 per cent.

Political commentators weren’t surprised by the poll result, as it backed claims the public were after someone who represents them.

“Politics speak versus real people speak, that’s what’s most important and that’s was resonates with voters,” Rachel Corbett told Sunrise on Saturday.

“The mob has had a gut full of political culture, they want direct answers and solutions,’ radio host Chris Smith agreed.

The poll results come after Donald Trump's shock election win in the US. Photo: AAP

“Pauline Hanson knows what the mob is talking about, she deals with the mob as often as possible.

“This is what Trump tapped into and I think it’s more that than xenophobic policy.

“There’s too many resources and too much time spent looking at minority groups.”