Nearly 10,000 Israeli infections in a day

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Israel has registered almost 10,000 new coronavirus infections in one day for the first time since January, as the Health Ministry reported 9831 new cases on Tuesday.

This is a jump compared to last week, although the amount of testing has also increased slightly.

According to the ministry, 6.63 per cent of just under 153,000 tests were positive over the past 24 hours. Twelve people with an infection died and the number of seriously ill people dropped to 678.

Children up to 9 years old continue to have the highest proportion of new infections.

Since June, the number of new cases in Israel has been rising significantly again.

So far, just under 59 per cent of the approximately 9.4 million Israelis have been vaccinated twice. Almost 17 per cent have already received a third vaccination.

At the end of July, Israel became the first country in the world to give a third vaccination as a booster.

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