NBN's WA rollout suburbs revealed

NBN Co has revealed the next set of WA suburbs and towns to join the construction schedule for the broadband rollout, however questions still remain over why certain areas are targeted over others.

NBN announced today construction in 48 WA suburbs and towns, including areas of Cannington, Doubleview, Kelmscott, Rockingham and Armadale will commence by "mid-2016" in its push to cover 240,000 homes in WA by June 2016.

Regional centres Dunsborough, Bunbury and Busselton will also join the list of WA towns involved in the rollout.

See if your town or suburb is in the latest NBN rollout

There was no given time frame for which area will receive the NBN first, however the Government-run organisation said construction in some areas would start this month.

NBN has no rule about suburb order, however it has indicated the rollout usually expands out from suburbs that have it.

Suburbs not announced may not receive the broadband rollout until after 2017.

In an interview with _WestBusiness _ earlier this year NBN chief executive Bill Morrow said a combination of factors determined which areas received the NBN over others, but it was simple reality that servicing 12.5 million homes meant some would have access to the service faster than others.

"We're conscious of the social responsibility of serving underprivileged areas," Mr Morrow said. "But it is not rich versus the poor. It's also about selecting areas where we think we can generate the revenue to help slow down the amount of money we bill the taxpayers to let us do this. Such as dense areas with multi-dwelling units. And new developments generally get served when they're built."

Federal Labor member for Perth Alannah MacTiernan accused the Federal Government-run NBN of favouring Liberal-held seats.

She said there needed to be greater transparency about why certain areas were serviced ahead of others and highlighted areas such as Kiara, Lockridge and Eden Hill which she said had some of the slowest internet speeds in Australia.

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull was quick to hit back.

"Alannah MacTiernan should be careful what she wishes for," Mr Turnbull said.

"She should be very grateful there has not been much 'continuity' in the rollout of the NBN in WA. When we inherited the project, the NBN's delivery partner in WA had pulled out of the project and it was stopped - dead in the water. 'Continuity' would have been more of the same - nothing occurring in the West at all.

"We have worked hard to get the NBN on track in WA and this rollout plan shows we are getting the job done sooner and at less cost."

So far the NBN has passed 60,360 homes - primarily in Geraldton, around the South Perth-Victoria Park precinct and around Mandurah - with 23,550 connected.

The NBN wants to pass 12.5 million Australian homes by 2020.

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