NBA star's epic burger binge backfires big time

An NBA star has landed himself in hot water after an astonishing burger-eating binge session backfired spectacularly.

New York Knicks cent Enes Kanter is both a large man and an athlete.

In order to keep himself in playing shape, Kanter requires more carbs than a normal person could dream up.

Normally, his diet likely consists of healthy items. Lean proteins such as chicken and starches like potatoes.

Occasionally, though, he indulges himself in a cheat day.

Wednesday just so happened to be one of those days for Kanter. The 26-year-old made sure to show off his spread on Twitter. It was excessive.

As Kanter explains, he has three triple-patty burgers with eggs on them, four additional burgers and a plate of fries.

While that’s a mountain of food, it’s not uncommon for athletes to eat that much.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson often posts his giant cheat day spreads on Instagram.

Michael Phelps used to eat 12,000 calories per day while training for the Olympics.

Kanter’s binging session doesn’t come with a happy ending, however.

Kanter missed practice after his epic burger binge. Pic: Twitter/Getty

A day after eating all that food, Kanter left Knicks practice due to an illness, according to Newsday’s Steve Popper.

To make matters worse, he was also ruled out of the Knicks match against the Indiana Pacers.

This could be a complete coincidence. It might have nothing to do with Kanter scarfing down seven burgers, three eggs and a plate of fries Wednesday night.

If that’s the case, the timing of Kanter’s illness is still pretty hilarious.

We hope Kanter recovers from whatever ailment he’s dealing with and hope it wasn’t caused by cheeseburgers.

Above all, we don’t want Kanter to be discouraged from posting his cheat meals in the future.

We can all respect someone who can eat that much food and live to talk about it.

Chris Cwik – Yahoo Sports