Naughty baby’s sinister smirk has TikTok convinced he’s ‘the next Joker’: ‘I’m scared of your baby’

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A baby’s naughty look is going viral on TikTok — and sending shivers down people’s spines!

TikTok account Cannizzaro Fam (@briaallyse) gained over 25 million views and 62,000 comments when they posted the mischievous footage online.

Now, just like the sneaky baby who collapsed in her crib the second she heard Mom’s voice on the monitor, Bria’s little boy Kasen is cracking up — and sort of terrifying — people around the world.

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In the video, baby Kasen is seen sitting in his highchair rather innocently. But when the camera pans, mom Bria reveals that he’s just tossed his bowl of food onto the floor.

Kasen then looks over at the camera, a look of pure mischief written across his face, and smirks sinisterly. 

According to Mom, this “😏” face (as she refers to it) is one baby Kasen makes a lot! 

But despite his naughty looks, Kasen is actually a complete sweetheart and a totally normal little boy!

In fact, when TikTok haters accused the little one of being “annoying” and “not cute,” Kasen had an adorable response.

TikTokers around the world have been cracking up at baby Kasen’s sneaky looks and leaving thousands of comments for Bria to enjoy.

“I suggest you stay away tonight,” one user joked.

“I don’t trust that look,” another user wrote.

“Imagine you wake up in the middle of the night and he’s looking at you like this,” one user commented, laugh-crying emojis in tow.

“Villain origin story,” another viewer joked.

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“OMG this baby is the next Joker,” one user gasped. 

“I think you owe him money,” another viewer joked.

“I’m scared of your baby,” wrote another user.

To this, Bria replied, “Don’t be! He’s the sweetest.”

Despite his mischievous grin, Kasen is clearly a loving little boy who’s stealing hearts all across TikTok!

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