'Nature in your face': Incredible video shows python attempting to eat bird on roof

A python has been filmed trying to eat a large bird on the roof of a home on the NSW Far North Coast

A crafty snake had somehow managed to slither up the antenna of the Kingscliff home gaining the perfect vantage point to pounce on a visiting currawong.

Python and bird face off in a battle to the death. Source: Cathy Gall/Facebook

“Never seen this before…python trying to eat a currawong on our antenna,” Cathy Gall wrote, sharing the video to a local Facebook group Wednesday morning.

The minute-long clip shows the lifeless bird’s head trapped in the snake’s extended mouth, as the serpent attempts to wriggle its prey up the antenna.

A python hangs from an antenna to eat a currawong on the roof of a home in Kingscliff, NSW. Source: Cathy Gall/Facebook

With its meal in the snake’s grasp, the reptile struggles to bring the bird closer, while coiled to the vertical antenna.

“Live action…such determination from the python to hold onto the currawong… happily eating it now on our roof, nature in your face,” Ms Gall commented in a separate post.

She later shared an update, with a picture of the snake in a more advantageous position having abandoned its post on the antenna. The python can be seen laying on the roof, wrapped in a firm hold around the bird.

The snake is later seen laying on the roof, wrapped in a firm hold around the bird. Cathy Gall/Facebook

“It finally dropped onto our roof & is slowing eating the currawong!” she wrote.

One person commented, saying: “Only in Australia,” while another commended the predator for its cunning – not so much for its planning.

“Half smart. I bet that python has been watching the currawongs using the antenna and went up and waited in ambush. Not so smart because it hadn’t figured how to get it down,” she wrote.

Another suggested the resident call a snake catcher to remove the python, but Ms Gall said she had spoken to one who suggested she “just leave it to its business,” so she did.

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