NATO chief confirms Russian setbacks in Kharkiv offensive

Jens Stoltenberg in Kyiv on April 29, 2024
Jens Stoltenberg in Kyiv on April 29, 2024

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, in a statement to Radio Svoboda, noted that Russia has not achieved significant progress in its offensive towards Kharkiv, underscoring the resilience of Ukrainian forces backed by NATO support.

"Wars are by nature unpredictable. But what we have seen so far is that Russia has not been able to make any major breakthroughs. Its forces have achieved minor territorial gains but at a very high cost. Now, with weapons and ammunition flowing from NATO allies, I am confident that Ukraine can absolutely win," Stoltenberg said following a meeting with foreign ministers who reaffirmed their commitment to support Ukraine.

The situation in Kharkiv Oblast

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On May 28, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces reported that there had been no Russian assaults in Kharkiv Oblast since the day began. Ukrainian troops continue to fortify their defenses and maintain control over Russian forces in the area.

In an interview with Reuters, Defense Minister Rustem Umerov discussed the ongoing conflict dynamics, stating, "The occupiers are attempting to open a new front in northern Ukraine." He confirmed that Ukrainian forces had stabilized the frontline in Kharkiv Oblast.

This stabilization follows attempts by Russian forces to penetrate Ukraine's defenses near Vovchansk on May 10, as reported by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. "Russian troops have initiated a new counteroffensive wave in this region," he stated.

Commander Sirskyi highlighted that the zone of active hostilities had expanded by 70 km, with monitoring resources indicating Russian occupation of several villages in northern Kharkiv Oblast, raising concerns about the preparedness of northern fortifications.

President Zelenskyy also noted significant Russian casualties, citing a ratio of eight Russian losses for every Ukrainian soldier in recent offensives.

On May 30, Yuriy Povh, spokesman for the Kharkiv operational-tactical group, stated that the Armed Forces now control 70% of Vovchansk, signaling ongoing efforts to reclaim and secure the region.

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