Natalie Joyce breaks her silence, slams Barnaby & Vikki

Natalie & Barnaby Joyce

Natalie Joyce, the former partner of Nationals MP Barnaby Joyce, has spoken for the first time since the former deputy prime minister’s affair with his staffer became public.

Ms Joyce has given an unpaid interview to the Australian Women’s Weekly, which was set up before news broke about Mr Joyce and Ms Campion’s $150,000 TV deal.

Ms Joyce said the TV interview, which Ms Campion set up to provide a fund for her new son Sebastian, was “an absolute disgrace”.

“I wasn’t surprised she sold their ‘exclusive’ story, and certainly not surprised the $150,000 went to her child,” Ms Joyce told the magazine.

“But it begs the question, if Barney agreed to be a part of it, how could he allow his four girls to be overlooked?

“In saying that, I wouldn’t want a cent of that money. It was all we could do to watch it without throwing a brick at the TV.”

Mr Joyce said he clung on to his job as deputy prime minister for two weeks out of “spite”, rather than quit and end the political headache for the government.

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