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Nashville Man Threatened to Kill School Staff Over Diversity Training: Feds

Antonio Bronic/Reuters
Antonio Bronic/Reuters

A Tennessee man is facing federal charges after becoming incensed over a diversity training video reportedly shown to school staff in Minnesota, according to a criminal complaint unsealed Wednesday. Patrick Allen Cash, a Nashville resident, is accused of phoning in death threats to employees at the New Prague Area School District, bombarding them—and other public servants in Chicago, New York, and Minneapolis—with vile racial slurs while vowing to kill them and their families, “burn a fucking cross in your fucking front yard,” then “fucking take a piss on your fucking ashes,” the complaint states. It says Cash was upset over a report that originated on an alt-right website, claiming the video lesson, on microaggressions, compared white people “to mosquitos.” It wasn’t hard to identify Cash as the culprit, as his name and number flashed across the recipients’ caller ID, according to the filing. Cash did not yet have an attorney listed in court records on Wednesday evening and was unable to be reached for comment.

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