Housekeeper accused of horrific act that left toddler with severe burns

WARNING – GRAPHIC CONTENT: A housekeeper has been accused of causing second-degree burns on a toddler’s arm when she allegedly placed the child’s limb in boiling water.

According to local media, the toddler’s 40-year-old mother, Amy Low, from Singapore and her husband left their two daughters, aged eight years old and 16 months, with their housekeeper while they went to work.

The father then received a call from the eldest girl telling him the toddler had been badly burned.

The 16-month-old was taken to hospital where a doctor told Ms Low her little girl had suffered second-degree burns and he had “some doubts” about the cause.

A housekeeper is accused of putting a toddler's arm in boiling water has been arrested. Source: Australscope

Reports said the Singaporean parents quizzed the 30-year-old maid, from Myanmar, who allegedly told them the girl had accidentally touched a hot cooking pot before she could stop her.

But despite telling the housekeeper they trusted her and did not blame her, the parents were stunned when the maid packed her bags and insisted on returning to her employment agency, according to local media.

Reports said the woman’s agency agreed to take her back and return the money the family paid to cover the housekeeper’s loan.

Also known as a placement fee, the loan covers the pre-employment expenses the maid owes to the agency during the first months of employment and is typically deducted from the first salary payments.

A 16-month-old toddler's second-degree burns after the alleged incident. Source: Australscope

Suspecting something was amiss, Ms Low played back the CCTV footage in her kitchen and was shocked to see the woman allegedly repeatedly dunking her daughter’s hand in the boiling pot.

When the parents quizzed the housekeeper, they found out her friends had allegedly told her to hurt the girl so she could be allowed to go home to Myanmar, according to reports.

Local media said the maid had been arrested as the investigation continued.

– Australscope

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