German police pull over naked man on moped who says ‘it’s too hot’

Heatwaves can cause people to behave in strange ways - but this German moped rider went too far.

Police in Brandenburg pulled over the sweaty rider after he’d completely stripped off - because he said he was ‘too hot’.

He was spotted on a scooter as record-breaking heat swept through parts of Europe this week, with Germany roasting in temperatures of 40C.

Meanwhile, Germans took to Twitter to write their own tongue-in-cheek captions for the police picture of the cheeky rider in his birthday suit.

One person said: “How, I have nothing on!? The two tailors said that would be very special fabric..."

Another remarked: “Maybe it was special fabric that he smoked…”

The man claimed he stripped down to try and cope with the heatwave. Source: Brandenburg Police

One Twitter user poked fun at the man not understanding why the police stopped him.

He said: “Police: Guess why we stopped you? Man: Was I too fast? Police: Guess again!.”

Andre J said the man perhaps had to remove his clothes as otherwise there would be “too much luggage” on the bike.

Other people commended the man for at least wearing a helmet.

This comes as a 32-year-old man in rural Germany ran through the freezer section of a supermarket naked in a bid to cool off.

According to reports, three people have died in France so far this week in the south of the country - one on Monday and two yesterday - after diving into the sea to cool off causing their deaths by ‘cold shock’.

Meteorologists have blamed climate change for disrupting weather patterns which has forced a blast of air from the Sahara desert into Western Europe.

The intense heat has caused wildfires outside Berlin and the Red Cross has warned that the heat could cause dizziness and even hallucinations.

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