Naked Attraction's Anna Richardson opens up on new boyfriend after Sue Perkins split

anna richardson, naked attraction
Anna Richardson opens up on new boyfriendChannel 4

Naked Attraction host Anna Richardson has opened up about her current partner following the announcement of her high-profile split from Sue Perkins in 2021.

The TV presenter told OK that she has been in a relationship with a "lovely man" for about 18 months, and talked about what she believes to be the differences between dating men and dating women.

"So, my rule of thumb is that men are quite simple creatures. It's basically a case of feed them, football, make sure they're happy," she said.

"Whereas women, we're complex creatures and the dynamic is a lot more emotional. But they're both so satisfying. I'm just happy to be in a good relationship."

anna richardson, naked attraction
Channel 4

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"I've never been married and I have to say, I would love it," she added. "So all I can say, is I'm waiting for someone… someone to say the words."

The presenter also touched on her "excruciatingly painful" split from Perkins, but explained that the two are "very good friends, so it's all good."

She stated: "I mean, we really adore each other, but I think when you've been through a lot together, I think there's the respect there just to kind of say, do you know what, this is where we're at, let's protect that and respect each other. We love each other and it's great."

During her eight year relationship with Perkins, the former couple unfortunately fell victim to a holiday scam that cost them thousands of pounds.

anna richardson, naked attraction
Channel 4

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She said: "I went to a website that I thought was very well-known to book a villa, [and] spoke to the guy who was running the website. [I] booked a very expensive place for the whole family, asked for the chap's details because I thought, 'Hang on a minute. I'm not sure I really recognise this website'. I need to do my checks because I'm a journalist."

"He faxed me through all kinds of information about him. I paid thousands of pounds for the accommodation and poof! He just disappeared."

Naked Attraction airs on Channel 4 on Wednesdays at 10pm. You can also stream it on Channel 4.

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