Mystery surrounds man found on road with fatal stab wounds

Police are appealing for information on a mysterious case, after a hysterical young woman found a man with stab wounds lying in a street north of Brisbane.

“There is no one that has come up with any useful information other than people hearing someone screaming,” said Police Inspector Flori, speaking to reporters at the scene.

At about 5.45 am on Thursday, a 19-year-old woman called for help after discovering a man, aged about 40, with stab wounds to his head and chest.

He was alive at the time of the call, but he had died by the time paramedics reached the scene on Blyth Road, Murrumba Downs.

His body was found on the road, between the back fence of a 7-Eleven convenience store and a row of houses on the opposite side of the dead-end street.

A man was found with suspected stab wounds outside a convenience store on Blyth Road on Thursday. Source: Queensland Police

Inspector Flori said the young woman was extremely distressed and may need medical care to cope with what she’d seen.

“She is extremely distressed. We’ve taken her back to the police station to try and calm her down and find out exactly what happened,” he told reporters at the scene.

However, police believe that the woman was not involved in the crime as she did not have any blood on her.

“What happened we don’t know with certainty. What we are certain of is that she’s not responsible for what’s happened to him.”

Inspector Flori said the woman had indicated there were other people involved but added: “We just don’t know enough about that yet.”

He said the victim was from the greater Brisbane area, and didn’t live where the crime occurred.

Police have reviewed security footage from the 7-Eleven but it didn’t capture anything helpful.

Officers have door knocked properties near the crime scene but that has yielded little information, and the process will likely be repeated.

Blyth Road remains closed.