Mystery surrounds MAFS star Adam's online businesses

It appears the Married at First Sight star's businesses have been inactive for months.

There is mystery surrounding Married at First Sight star Adam Seed's online businesses after his new 'wife' probed him about his career following their wedding.

Adam said 'I do' to Janelle Han on Wednesday night, but their relationship got off to a rocky start when the beauty influencer asked Adam what he did for a job and whether he had financial stability.

Adam appeared to be vague about his job, saying when he was living in the UK he started a competition business with a friend.

"Like, it's online, we have, like, cool prizes and stuff like TVs, tickets to festivals, all that sort of stuff," he said. "Also I was gonna launch a podcast, yeah I really wanna do something like that."

Janelle looks concerned while speaking to Adam Seed at their reception.
Janelle was unsure if Adam was financially stable. Source: Channel Nine

Janelle was concerned Adam did not have a stable career, which offended the groom.

"It's definitely not attractive to me at all, it's actually a bit of a turn-off ... She's treating me like I got no money, like I'm just sleeping from bus stop to bus stop," he told producers.

"She doesn't know about my investments and crypto; I can support myself, so I don't know where she's getting all of this from ... She's casting judgement on me and I'm taking it as that."


Following the wedding, Adam's Instagram account for his business Meta Competitions emerged, with just 216 followers.

In a video posted on the account Adam does a live competition draw, however, the account has been inactive since July.

Adam Seed looks angry while speaking to MAFS producers.
Adam was offended that Janelle had questioned him about his career. Source: Channel Nine

On the Meta Competitions website Adam and his business partner Kaio said they met on the TV series Coach Trip, a British reality TV show that follows tourists as they embark on a coach trip across Europe.

There are currently no live competitions on the company's website.

Another Instagram page with 1830 followers appears to be part of Meta Competitions, which focuses on online NFT giveaways and is also currently inactive.

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