Mystery surrounds dumped car in Queensland tourist spot

A car dumped down a drain with its doors open and an array of household items spilling out into a ditch in Queensland’s Far North has sparked debate as to who’s responsible.

A photo of the red Subaru Forrester was shared to a local community Facebook group, with one user searching for answers after it was found on the side of Little Spence Street in Cairns.

“Anyone missing their car?” they asked.

Clothing could be seen strewn across the dirt next to the vehicle, along with three large black containers and a bag that appeared to contain a camping table or chair.

The vehicle’s bonnet was open, as were three of the visible doors and the rear boot.

Some people speculated the car may have been dumped after being stolen, and several suggested backpackers could be to blame.

The red vehicle was pictured down a drain on Little Spence Street. Source: Facebook/ Cairns Crime and Alerts

One social media user claimed the same vehicle had been parked inside a locked car park at her workplace for a “few days”.

She thought it was “not backpackers” but believed there was certainly a “story to it”.

The same person said the car was reported to police by her employer, but was gone when she next arrived at work.

Queensland Police told Yahoo News Australia a dumped vehicle at Little Spence Street had not been reported to them in the last five days.

A Cairns Regional Council spokeswoman told Yahoo News Australia the vehicle would be towed away “very shortly”.

She said council was unaware of any back story to the car.

The spokeswoman added the discovery of abandoned vehicles wasn’t a rare sight in the city due to its placement on East Coast tourist routes.

“We do get a lot of abandoned vehicles in Cairns as it is the last stop for many self-drive tourists,” she said.

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