Four foreign students vanish without a trace

May Zervaas is devastated her exchange student has gone missing. Picture 7NEWS.JPG
Four Vietnamese exchange students have gone missing in South Australia. Picture: 7NEWS

Four Vietnamese teenagers have gone missing over the course of a month while on exchange in South Australia.

Sonnie Nguyen, 17, is the latest in the string of exchange students who have vanished, after she did not return to her host mother’s home in South Plympton on Monday.

“I hope that if she can listen to this, she can call me and tell me, “mum I’m okay, don’t worry”,” her host mother May Zervaas told 7News.

Her phone has been disconnected and her social media accounts wiped.

Sonnie Nguyen, 17 is missing from South Australia. Picture 7NEWS.JPG
Sonnie Nguyen, 17 has been missing from South Australia in Monday. Picture: 7NEWS

It is understood the teens are all students at Hamilton Secondary College in Mitchell Park and are currently on school holidays.

They each disappeared at different times and one of them has not been heard from in more than a month.

May Zervaas is devastated her exchange student has gone missing. Picture 7NEWS.JPG
Her host mother May Zervaas is devastated Ms Nguyen has gone missing. Picture: 7NEWS

A police spokesperson said they are aware of four international teenagers who have been reported missing in December 2023 and January 2024.

“All lines of enquiries in the investigations indicate that some of these youths may have travelled interstate and still remain there,” the spokesperson said.

“There is nothing currently identified in any investigation that would indicate these youths are in immediate danger.

“SA Police are working with interstate policing counterparts to help locate these youths.”