Mystery couple behind Perth sunset engagement photo identified

An amateur photographer who captured an intimate sunset kiss and went in search of the couple in an attempt to show them the image, has found the pair he was looking for.

Rod Maldon had been at Hillarys Boat Harbour in Western Australia for a sunset shoot on Friday when he took captured the unforgettable moment for Lauren Exell and Dan Smyth. 

“Stairway to Heaven – No idea who they are however they had an amazing backdrop,” Mr Maldon wrote online on Friday.

He had shared the image online hoping to find them, and today Ms Exell and Mr Smyth came forward as the happy couple. 

“I think it’s incredible and we both feel very lucky that he was there at that exact moment,” Ms Exell told Yahoo7. 

Mr Maldon shared the image online in the hope of showing the happy couple. Source: Rod Maldon

Mr Smyth had taken Ms Exell, both originally from the UK, to the jaw-dropping spot where he proposed for a second time.

The pair, who are here on a working visa, got engaged 12 weeks ago in Thailand but the first ring broke.

“We were expecting a refund and we were going to chose another ring together,” Ms Exell said.

But he surprised her by picking another ring in Australia and popping the question again after being told about Hillarys Boat Harbour from a colleague.

Mr Smyth was shown Mr Maldon’s social media post today.

The first ring broke so the couple sent it back to the UK for a refund. The new one was a suprise to Ms Exell. Source: Facebook

“Somebody from Dan’s work stopped him and asked if it was him – as he knew he was taking me there,” Ms Exell said.

“He is very talented and made something so special even more special,” she added. 

Mr Maldon said it was just lucky for him to be in the same place at the time.

He said he had been in the area for a sunset shoot and he wasn’t intending to take pictures of people, let alone snap such a memorable shot.

“I was taking test shots for light and exposure and that’s when the shots were taken,” Mr Maldon told Yahoo7.

“Crazy to think that an amazing moment was captured at the time.”

Mr Maldon had been taking shots of the sunset and fortunately for the couple was able to capture a memorable moment for them. Source: Rod Maldon

He was not near the pair so was unable to approach them about the picture at the time.

“I was set up on the other side of the water opposite the light tower,” he explained. 

But fortunately he has been able to share the picture with his unexpected subjects and now both the couple and the photographer have a wonderful story to tell about the image.