Car could be key to unlocking Melbourne murder mystery

Kamilia Palu

New CCTV footage has been released by detectives investigating the 2013 murder of Melbourne mother Kylie Blackwood, in what they believe is a "significant breakthrough" in the case.

“We’re coming for you — that’s the message to this offender,” Detective Inspector Mick Hughes.

The images of the vehicle in question released by police. Photo: Victoria Police

The 42-year-old's body was found by her twin daughters at her family home on McCaffrey Rise in Pakenham when they arrived home from school on August 1, 2013.

Police understand that attempts to withdraw money from Kylie's bank card were made at a local bank on the same day, but footage of the ATM was lost before detectives learned of its existence.

Kylie Blackwood was found by her twin daughters in 2013. Photo: Supplied

However, newly released footage shows a car near McCaffrey Rise about the time Ms Blackwood arrived home, and leaving shortly after police believe the murder took place.

The white, late-model Nissan Tiida sedan with a rear spoiler is believed to be one of about 900 owned in Victoria.

Police will focus on 30 owners in Pakenham, where Ms Blackwood lived, before turning their attention to the remainder of the state, the Herald Sun reports.

A crime scene was set up at the Pakenham home where the body of Kylie Blackwood was found. Photo: Laurel Irving

Victim: Kylie blackwood

“If we have to go through all 900 owners, we will,” Det Insp Hughes said.

"But I think we’re going to be catching up with him a lot sooner than that. When we got this, the consensus was this was the key evidence to finally get our man.”

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