Mystery surrounds more than 2000 birds found dead in same spot

Mystery surrounds more than 2000 birds that have been found dead around a lake.

The grim discovery was made by locals who spotted the carcasses on Sunday (local time) around India’s Sambhar Salt Lake, the country’s largest inland lake in the state of Rajasthan.

The state’s Chief Conservator of Forests, Arun Prasad, told CNN the bodies of about 2400 birds were found on the shores.

It is not known how the massive number of birds died and wildlife authorities are investigating whether water played a part as samples have been sent for testing.

Mr Prasad told CNN they did not believe the deaths were caused by disease.

A flock of flamingos seen at Sambhar Salt Lake in India. Source: Getty/file

“We believe it could be local weather conditions or water contamination,” he said.

According to Tourism of India’s website, the Sambhar Lake covers an area of 190 square kilometres and stretches about 22 kilometres in length.

It draws many flamingos to the area and “is said to be the most important habitat for flamingos in the country”.

Pelicans are also known to flock to the area while storks, sandpipers, redshanks, black-winged stilts, coots and shovelers have been seen floating in the lake.

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