'It felt like my skin was being ripped off': Woman injured after eggs 'explode' in face

A woman claims she was nearly blinded in one eye and suffered agonising burns after two eggs she boiled in the microwave exploded in her face.

Bethany Rosser, 22, decided to make boiled eggs for breakfast and found instructions on a recipe website that advised it was safe to microwave shelled eggs in water without them bursting, if she added salt.

Ms Rosser said she followed the guidelines from the website and took the eggs out of the microwave to cool.

When she looked into the jug to check if the two eggs were ready, they exploded with a loud bang, burning the right side of her face.

She immediately dialled emergency services while she ran cold water over her face, but said she could feel her skin had “already started to peel off”.

Bethany Rosser said she followed instructions from a cooking website about cooking eggs in the microwave and was left with burns to her face when the eggs exploded. Source: Getty/file

Ms Rosser was rushed to the burns unit at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, UK, where she said doctors were unable to confirm if any permanent damage had been done to her right eye as it was swollen shut.

“I'm not sure if I will be able to see out of that eye when the swelling goes down,” she said from her hospital bed.

Ms Rosser added that she's been advised the burns won't scar but that she can expect long-term skin discolouration.

She explained that she carefully followed instructions from website Delish, adding salt and left them in the microwave for the minimum amount of advised time.

Bethany Rosser said doctors can't yet determine if permanent damage has been done to her right eye because it's sealed shut due to swelling. Source: SWNS/MEGA

"On that page (Delish), it said that you could microwave the eggs as long as you add salt to the water, to prevent them from bursting,” she said, adding that she took them out after only six minutes.

"It felt like my skin was being ripped off, it was so scary, I’ve never been so scared in my life,” Ms Rosser said.

“It was without doubt the worst day of my life to date.”

Bethany Rosser says she followed the website's instructions on how to cook eggs closely. Source: Getty stock

“The main focus of any body is their face, and now I risk scars and potentially damaged vision, over eggs," Ms Rosser said regretfully.

The young woman said the instructions from the website warned readers to add salt, because it "ensures that the egg won't explode”, adding that while it sounded harmless “exploding eggs are very bad".

The website described busting eggs as "volcanic hot egg pieces and sharp bits of shell flying everywhere”, and warned “skip the salt at your own risk!”.

Since speaking out, Ms Rosser said that friends and family have told her they have experienced similar situations.

Bethany Rosser, 22 before the accident she described as "the worst day of my life to date". Source: MEGA/SWNS

"I have a cousin who did the same thing, luckily for her, the explosion happened in the microwave, not in her face,” she said.

"It’s very clearly dangerous as numerous people have had the same explosion happen from eggs in the microwave. I honestly wouldn’t risk that,” she warned.

Ms Rosser said she blames the website instructions for her injuries.

"That’s why I’m so annoyed at Delish, because it literally says if you do this (add salt) then it won’t happen, well, I did it – and it still happened,” she said.

Delish has been approached for comment.


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