My Arcade's latest Micro Player is a 'Street Fighter II: Champion Edition' replica

Saqib Shah
·Contributing Writer
·1-min read

These days, you can easily relive classic games by purchasing them on digital stores, snapping up remasters or subscribing to a dedicated gaming service like Nintendo's Switch Online. But, the trend of creating mini replicas of retro machines takes our penchant for nostalgia one step further. That's where My Arcade comes in. The company's Micro Player arcades funnel the golden days of coin-op gaming into a tiny, affordable package designed to appeal to old and young gamers alike. Its growing line-up of officially licensed retro releases already includes Contra, Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Galaga and Bubble Bobble, among others. Now, it's teaming up with Capcom on a Micro Player of iconic beat-em-up Street Fighter II: Champion Edition.

The new entry is bundled into a 1/10th scale replica of the game's original 1992 arcade cabinet, featuring artwork inspired by the original, including character portraits of playable fighters Ryu, Ken, Zangief and Blanka. My Arcade's attention to detail also extends to the physical controls, with a signature six-button layout (for finessing those combos and hadoukens) and joy stick, complete with mechanical switches for extra satisfaction. The machine's coin trap and backlit marquee top off the classic look. Best of all, players can go head-to-head by connecting two mini arcades with the included CO/VS cable. 

The Street Fighter II: Champion Edition Micro Player is available now for $50 from Target and select online retailers.