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'I feel sick': Mum's warning after mould found in kids drink bottles

A mum of three had a shocking discovery when she was cleaning out her children's water bottles, finding the mouthpieces riddled with mould.

The NSW woman was cleaning under the lids of the bottles when she made the disturbing discovery.

She said her children had been unwell for the past few weeks with doctors unsure what was wrong, but she now thinks it is connected to the mouldy bottles.

Green spout  from a water bottle which has mould near the top.
The woman was shocked to find mould in the bottle. Source: Supplied

"I was in shock and my heart dropped," she told Yahoo News Australia. "Especially knowing that was causing my kids to be sick."

'Feels sick' knowing her kids have been drinking from them

The mum explained she purchased the water bottles — made by an American company Contigo — because they were easy to clean.

"I wash the bottles daily and air dry them," she explained. "But I feel sick thinking my kids have been drinking mould."

The worried mum said she contacted the company, and when she looked online to see if anyone else had had a similar experience found out the bottles are included in a potential class action due to mould in America.

The mouthpiece broken apart showing it riffled with mould.
The mould was in a part of the mouthpiece that is impossible to clean without breaking it. Source: Supplied

When she contacted the company, she got a generic response asking her to provide more information.

"I am pretty disappointed that they aren't more concerned," she admitted.

'No amount of cleaning can prevent it'

She said she used a straw brush and vinegar to clean out what she could, but where the mould is in the spout can't be cleaned without breaking it.

The worried mum issued a warning for parents to check their children's water bottles and to be vigilant when cleaning them.

Unfortunately for the water bottles that her kids use, the mould is in a position where it can't be cleaned without breaking it.

"It is a big issue," she said. "[Unfortunately] no amount of cleaning or sterilising of the bottles prevented it."

Yahoo News has contacted Contigo for comment.

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