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Mum's 'unpopular' sleepover rule sparks furious debate: 'Unsafe'

Many savaged the mum, with one sarcastically saying it was 'top-notch parenting'.

A TikToker has been savaged for a rule she has put in place for her children when it comes to sleepovers with friends.

Tara Huck revealed in a video she did not allow her children to have sleepovers at all, and did not allow other children to stay the night at her house.

It was an opinion that proved unpopular, with the mum's controversial rule sparking heated debate online.

In a video the mum posted on the social media platform she revealed she didn't let her children have sleepovers because you "can't trust what happens at someone else's house".

"And then don't do them at mine because that's not fair," she said.

She also added that she did not limit screen time as long as homework and chores were done and if they don't eat what she cooks, they don't eat at all.

Tara Huck speaking in a TikTok.
Tara Huck sparked furious debate with her controversial parenting rule. Source: TikTok

The mum was savaged by a number of people who flocked to the comments to disagree with her.

"Tell me you were the unpopular kid growing up without telling me you were the unpopular kid growing up," one commented.

"They've gotta have a life," another said.

"Poor kid can't even enjoy sleepovers," a third added.

"It's just sad to me that nowadays kids can't experience the sleepovers that we as kids did," a comment read.

"No sleepovers ... If they don't eat things you make, they don't eat. Top-notch parenting," one savaged the mum.

Many others however threw their support behind the mum, saying it was her choice how she wanted to raise her children.

"The world is a scary place now, you can't trust a lot of people and if SHE doesn't feel comfortable letting HER kids do that then that's her decision," one commented on the video.

"I learned a lot of bad things at sleepovers but ... I also had some best times. It's rougher now. Don't blame you," another supported the mum.

"Think I’m definitely jumping onboard this no sleepover unpopular opinion. You really just can’t trust your child’s safety," somebody else agreed.

"You can never erase the horrible thing that your child experienced … But you can do your best to prevent it!! It’s a different world now!" another added.

In a follow-up video about her sleepover rule, the mum revealed she had been receiving hate and death threats after sharing her controversial parenting method.

She defended her rule, saying she still allowed her children to go to friends' houses but picked them up for showers and bedtime.


"You don't know what's going to happen and it has nothing to do with me trusting my kids, it has nothing to do with not wanting my kids to have fun, it has nothing to do with anything besides the fact that you cannot be positive that something won't happen to your children at somebody else's house," she said.

"Even if you trust those people they could have older siblings, parents, and friends staying over – there are a million other factors – too many other factors that I'm not willing to risk my children's safety for them to have a sleepover."

The mum also added she did not allow her children's friends to sleep over at her house due to fears the visitor may make false accusations.

"I have a son and a husband, it takes two seconds for somebody to say something that will ruin your life," she claimed.

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