Mum's touching gift to daughters' teacher who takes two buses to work

A generous mum has given her daughters’ teacher a new car, after finding out she took multiple buses to get to school.

When Courtney Adeleye, the CEO of hair care company The Mane Choice, found out that the teacher took multiple buses to get to work every day, she decided to change her life.

“My husband tells me that the teacher who has been teaching my girls for the last few years has been catching multiple buses to get to and from work everyday in the hot sun and cold!” Ms Adeleye posted on Instagram.

A CEO mum has given her son’s teacher (pictured right) a new car (pictured left), after learning that she took multiple buses to get to school. Source: Instagram/Courtney Adeleye

 “He said we should give her something I said…. say no more!”

 Ms Adeleye and her husband, a doctor, picked out a brand new Ford Focus for the teacher and left it in the parking lot topped with a giant bow, according to local outlet Fox5.

 “­You’re really serious?” the teacher said.

 “I cannot believe this! Oh my gosh!”

 “We don’t want you to have to catch the ­­­­bus,” Ms Adeleye said to the teacher, before they share a hug.

Beauty entrepreneur Courtney Adeleye gave her daughters’ teacher a new Ford Focus and runs a weekly “Pay My Bill” giveaway for the public. Source: Instagram/Courtney Adeleye

 The couple’s 11-year-old son filmed the touching scene. The video was posted on Instagram and has received over 65,000 likes.

 The beauty entrepreneur is no stranger to philanthropy. She runs a weekly giveaway program where she pays a stranger’s bill.

 “My ‘Pay My Bill’ weekly giveaway is my way of giving back,” Ms Adeleye said on her website.

 “Anytime I have the chance to make someone’s day… I seize that opportunity!”

“Taking care of our family is a given. But what we give towards strangers is the ultimate life test.”