Mum's TikTok details brutal note left on windscreen

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An Aussie mum has revealed her confusion over an angry note a driver left on her windscreen.

The woman posted a video on her @infernoinsomnia TikTok account detailing the note she discovered when she returned to her car she parked in a parents with prams spot while she went shopping.

"Please do not park in parent's parking if you do not have kids," the note said.

"Your registration and vehicle has been reported and also given to centre management.

"In future keep these parking areas available to those who need them for everyone's safety, not for your convenience."

The mum revealed the note left on her car in a TikTok. Source: TikTok/@infernoinsomnia
The mum revealed the note left on her car in a TikTok. Source: TikTok/@infernoinsomnia

The mother revealed she was confused by the note as a child's car seat could be seen in the back of her car along with beanies that belonged to her children.

"So do I need to put one of those stick figure family stickers on my car to prove I have children?" she said.

People in the comments were infuriated by the note left for the mum, with many saying the rule can't be enforced and it's a courtesy to not park there rather than law.

"Centre management would have laughed at them," one said.

"They were obviously on a high horse because those parking spots are a courtesy and it's not illegal to park in them without kids," another commented.

"How dare you park where you're allowed to," a third joked.

The latest car park dispute comes after a Tesla driver was left a brutal note over an "inconsiderate" park as the car was left hanging over the line.

"Did your fancy car park itself like this or are you just an inconsiderate c***?" the letter, photographed and uploaded to Facebook, read.

The daughter of the woman who shared the photo online spotted the scene after a trip to Woolworths, her mum told Yahoo News Australia.

She described the note "a bit rude".

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