Distraught mum's screams as son falls out of window

An investigation is underway into the death of a three-year-old boy who fell from a four-storey window on his birthday.

Edward Gabriel Popadiuc plunged 50 feet from a block of apartments on November 1, making him the second child to die falling from a window in London within 24 hours.

The three-year-old died two hours later n hospital, according to The Evening Standard.

A witness told The Sun she heard the mother’s screams as her son fell.

“She [the mother] was holding the baby's leg and saying, 'he is gone, he is gone, my son is dead'. It is very sad,” Naznaz Ismael said.

Edward Popadiuc died after falling out of a fourth-storey window on his third birthday. Source: Facebook.

Ms Ismael said the mother claimed the window had been closed while she was in the kitchen cooking.

Speaking to The Evening Standard, Edward’s father Alexandru Popadiuc described his son as “the best kid in the world”.

He said the three-year-old had lots of energy and used to “smile all the time”.

“I don’t want to cry any more, I do it all day and all night. He is our angel now,” Mr Popadiuc told the publication.

Just hours before his son’s death, Mr Popadiuc had shared a photo of the toddler to Facebook to wish him a happy birthday.

“Happy Birthday Daddy's love!!” Mr Popadiuc wrote. The post has since been inundated with people expressing their sympathy.

A neighbour of the Popadiuc’s told The Evening Standard police were investigating the locks on the windows in the apartment building.

Another neighbour said the locks on the windows are “flimsy”.

The manager of Little Aisha Nursery, where Edward attended, has started a Go Fund Me to help his parents cover costs.

Edward Gabriel Popadiuc had celebrated his third birthday at his nursery before he fell from the window in his apartment. Source: Go Fund Me.

Mary De Costa said Edward celebrated his birthday at the nursery the day of his death and staff administered first aid after he fell.

“Edward left happy and smiling but unfortunately soon after he left the nursery to go home he had a tragic accident and fell from the fourth floor,” Ms De Costa said.

“Because of the proximity of the nursery to Edwards house, Little Aisha staff members administered first aid to try and save Edward but it is with a heavy heart that we inform you that he sadly passed.”

A second Go Fund Me page has also been set up, again raising money for the reportedly Romanian family.

It is understood Edward’s body will be taken back to Romania for the funeral.

A council spokesperson told The Evening Standard they could not comment on Edward’s death due to the ongoing investigation, however, they did confirm the death was not being treated as suspicious.

On October 31, 18-month-old Ali Agac fell 100 feet from a window in his home. His mother has called for an investigation, according to The Mirror.

His mother claims the window in the north London flat was faulty.

Ali died in hospital about an hour after he fell from the window.

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