Mum's heartbreak after son's killer escapes murder conviction

A Sydney mum says she feels cheated after the man who killed her son escaped a murder conviction.

Ricardo Coleman was days away from his 21st birthday when he was shot dead just metres from his home.

Joshua Magro, 31, was charged with murder. But he was convicted of manslaughter on Tuesday following a five-week trial.

When questioned by police, Magro denied firing the fatal shot.

In interview footage, an officer is heard asking him: “Did you fire the shots?”

The family of Ricardo Coleman (left) are outraged after the man accused of shooting and killing him, Joshua Magro, outside his home was convicted of manslaughter instead of murder. Pictured right: Mr Coleman’s mother Skye Hipwell. Source: 7 News

“No,” Magro replies.

Another officer then asks: “Do you know who did?”

Magro then shakes his head before saying: “I got pushed on my face.”

Outside court on Tuesday, Mr Coleman’s devastated mother Skye Hipwell expressed her grief.

“He’s [Ricardo] never going to have a future, he’s never going to be able to get married and he’s never going to have children,” Ms Hipwell said outside court.

“I don’t think anything the judge ever gives out is going to replace that.

“We don’t move on. We didn’t just lose our son, we lost our brother, I lost my whole life that day.”

Magro speaks with police following his arrest claiming he didn’t shoot Mr Coleman. Source: 7 News

Mr Coleman was shot when he went to confront Magro after the 31-year-old vandalised Ms Hipwell’s home.

Flanked by a group of friends, the 20-year-old man went unarmed to speak with his neighbour when he was shot.

Magro is facing up to 25 years’ jail.