Mum's disgusting find in packet of supermarket kale her family ate

A mother-of-two said she was left disgusted after discovering a used condom in a packet of kale after she had already served it to her family for dinner.

Chrissie Gilbert dished up the curly kale from her local Tesco store in Lincoln alongside some bangers and mash for her husband Paul, and two sons Robin, 6, and Sam, 3.

She remained oblivious to what was in the bag until the following day when she reached into the bag to grab a handful to feed the leafy veg to her two guinea pigs, Bubble and Squeak.

“I just stood there for ages looking at it wondering what it was and ridiculously picked it up to look,’ Ms Gilbert wrote on Twitter.

Ms Gilbert claims to have found the condom in a packet of Tesco supermarket kale. Source: Twitter/Chrissie Gilbert

“I dropped it when I realised what it was then used kitchen roll to pick it back up.

The horrified mum said the “stained” condom had two dark black hairs in it.

“I immediately felt quite sick and worried as we’d eaten a portion of the kale the night before and it was there among the leaves.”

Concerned for the welfare of her family, Ms Gilbert visited her nurse to see if they would require a full STI screening. She was assured the chances of infection was minimal.

She said she found the condom after grabbing a handful of kale to feed to her pet guinea pigs. Source: Twitter/Chrisie Gilbert

Ms Gilbert contacted Tesco and was told that an internal investigation found there was no way the “foreign object” could have slipped through the net or survived the manufacturing process.

The disgusted mother said the supermarket’s response was “really insulting”.

“In their opinion, it was added post purchase – so either me or my husband, who’s a health and safety assistant, added it,” she added.

“Do they think we haven’t got anything better to do than put a used condom in kale ourselves? I was incredulous when I got that response.”

Yahoo7 News has contacted Tesco for comment.