Heartwarming twist after 'frantic' mum calls police over baby formula

When a mother of five found herself stuck at home with no way to feed her newborn baby, she called emergency services in a last-ditch effort to feed her child.

“I have no formula and no idea how to get formula to her,” Shannon Bird from Utah told a 911 operator.

The mum was feeding her six-week-old daughter, London, in the early hours of January 28 when her milk dried up, her husband was out of of town and her four other children, including one in a leg cast, were asleep.

The new mother explained to the 911 operator that she had tried calling neighbours and teenagers she knew for help but at 2:12am, nobody answered.

Home alone mother fo five, Shannon Bird, called 911 in a last-ditch attempt for help after her newborn daughter ran out of food. Source: KSLTV

“I’ve never been in this predicament ever… this is my fifth kid and this has never happened,” the distraught mum can be heard saying in the recorded 911 call.

Lone Peak police officers Brett Wagstaff and Konner Gabbitas responded to the call for help, bringing a bottle of regular milk to Ms Bird, which they quickly realised wasn’t suitable for a six-week-old baby.

“We’ll be right back with some formula for your baby, she’s adorable,” Mr Wagstaff can be heard saying on the released body camera vision from the visit.

After confirming which formula to buy, the officers made a trip to a late night department store and returned with a tin of formula.

“That’s the same stuff we gave my daughter when she was first born, so hopefully it doesn’t upset her stomach,” Mr Wagstaff said as he handed the formula to the grateful mother.

“I was not expecting them to go get that food for me,” Ms Bird told local outlet KSL.

Police body camera vision showed the officers bringing regular milk to the frantic mum and returning a short time later with infant formula. Source: KSLTV

The “frantic” mother said her daughter had been screaming that night and she was had called 911 hoping that police would patrol the front of her home while her eldest child, an eight-year-old watched her children, so she could dash out to buy formula.

The grateful mum told KSL she could not thank police enough.

“Thank you for helping people in situations where they can’t help themselves in emergencies,” she said.

While this was a unique case, Lone Peak’s public information officer Dave Ventrano said it was all part of the oath ‘to protect and serve’.

“Most of us, we got on this job to help people, and this was an example of helping out a mother that was in need,” Mr Ventrano said.

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