Mum's confrontation with man who 'tried to get 13-year-old into his car'

A mother has confronted a man on camera after he allegedly followed her 13-year-old daughter and offered her a ride.

The mother shared the video on Facebook on Tuesday, urging people to be wary of the man she had seen near the New Zealand suburb of Tauranga.

“Followed my 13-year-old daughter this morning on her way to school with intention of trying to get her to get in his car,” the mother wrote.

“Police have been notified and he has been approached.”

The mother started filming the video as she walked towards the man as he was sitting in his parked car.

She asks him if he’s having a good day before explaining she is the mother of the girl he allegedly attempted to apprehend.

The man claims he didn’t pull over the car, but the mother is heard saying that he followed her daughter.

The man then went on to say he was only trying to help the 13-year-old girl, because there were “major things going on”.

“There were some ‘major things’ going on?” the mother questioned the man.

“She was with her sister, how were there ‘major things’ going on? What ‘major things’ are you speaking of?”

A mother has confronted a man who offered her 13-year-old daughter a lift. Source: Facebook.

The man then said it was hard to explain and the mother says it’s hard to explain “when you’re lying”.

The mother then claims her daughter was not the first child he had tried to get in his car – she said he approached another little girl earlier that same day.

The man then gets out of his car to speak with the woman, fully aware he is being filmed.

“Basically I just called over and I asked if she was okay,” the man said.

He claims he was driving past when he saw the girl earlier that morning and offered her a ride, saying he was a “good guy”.

“I don't think you are a good guy. I think you're preying on small children. I'm one of their mothers and I tell you what, mate, you're lucky I'm not f***ing attacking you right now,” the mother said.

“I know what you look like, I know your car.

“I get even a whiff that you’re doing this sort of thing, I will take matters into my own hands.”

The man continues to insist he was only offering the girls a ride because he was concerned.

When the mother asks whether he thinks it’s okay to offer children rides, the man responds by saying “I’m sure she was at least 16”.

“And what difference would that make if she was 16?” the mother asks at the end of the video.

The mother was praised for confronting the man in the comments of the video.

‘Good on you mama good on you!” someone commented.

“Your parental instincts are on key! Well done”

However, some people did take offence to the woman sharing this on Facebook instead of letting police deal with it.

Police confirmed to the NZ Herald there had been reports of a man approaching children outside a school in the area.

Police told the publication they had tracked down the man, who was arrested on an unrelated charge.

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