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Mum’s Aldi pet mat hack helps daughter stay cool in summer

Aldi customers are raving about a popular pet product that has helped menopausal hot flashes, saved money on electricity bills and cooled down young children during heat waves.

During Australia’s 2019 black summer, parts of the country regularly rose to sweltering temperatures and with predictions we are in for another scorcher this year, these Aldi customers have found a clever hack to cool down and it’s all thanks to a cooling mat designed for pets.

A mother to a toddler posted a photo of her little girl curled up on the Aldi Petplay cooling mat targeted to keep family pets cool on hot days.

“No I don’t have a pet and yes I bought this for my child,” the proud mum wrote in the Aldi Mums Facebook group.

“Pet cooling mat $14.99 bargain! this is a large, it's not that big but big enough for a toddler on a super hot day… It's nice and thick and my daughter is going to be happy on those hot summer nights,” she added.

Children using the Aldi pet cooling mats
Aldi customers are loving the pet cooling mat for all the members of their family. Source: Facebook

The mats, currently available at Aldi, are filled with soft gel that releases a cooling sensation when pressure is applied to them, and while the Aldi mats are marketed toward pets, fans responded explaining they have been snapping them up for every member of the family, not just the furry kind.

“I used one in the pram for my son in Bali,” a mother replied.

“I use these when mine have had a fever as well, very useful,” another parent wrote.

“We used this for my daughter when she was a baby in summer. Cheaper than using the air con,” a thrifty customer commented.

A lot of parents said they had been using the cooling mats for themselves as well as for their kids.

“I have a giant dog one that I use each year in my bed and it’s a lifesaver!” one user wrote.

“I have the small sized one I put in my pillowcase on hot nights,” another fan commented.

The post prompted a few people to try the cooling mats out for themselves.

“I tried my dog’s one I bought yesterday, it’s filled with gel and when you lay on it it cools you down. Works with your body weight. Definitely would help on a hot day or with hot flushes!” one woman wrote.

“I got one for me it's brilliant for when I get a migraines as it helps me cool down and it's so good when you get the hot flushes, I got the first one for our dog who hated it and I tried it so that's that, they work so well,” another customer replied.

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