Mum wows with bargain Coles haul – everything under $1

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Times are tough for many Australians at the moment with the rising cost of living, so when you have a chance to grab a bargain at your local Coles supermarket, you take it.

Pregnant Sydney mum Rebekah was able to do just that last week, nabbing some heavily discounted chickens and other meat products for herself, three children and partner, who is currently in hospital recovering from a leg amputation.

"Went to my local Coles tonight on a whim and scored these bargains," Rebekah wrote on Facebook. "6 chickens for under a $1 each, Korean BBQ chicken kebabs 80c and scotch fillet for 95c.

"Seriously thinking of buying a second chest freezer," she added.

Reduced chickens and other meat from Coles pictured
Sydney mum Rebekah managed to get some fantastic bargains from Coles. Photo: Supplied

Hundreds of fellow bargain hunters were impressed with the thrifty haul as people in the Facebook group share tips to save on supermarket groceries.

"Great find. I'd cook all the chickens, bag and throw in the freezer. Lunches for the next month. Ching ching," wrote one person.

"Tonight's dinner was the kebab chicken with mash - potato and pumpkin with mixed veggies - for me and three kids. Leftovers will be taken to my partner in hospital and for my lunch tomorrow as well," Rebekah replied.

"We like to have a meal together every time I'm there and buying hospital food/take away is expensive," she added.

Pack of Korean BBQ kebabs; Cooked dinner
Rebekah made dinner that night from her bargain 80c Korean BBQ kebabs. Photo: Supplied

This level of discount is not something Rebekah has been able to find regularly. "I get them occasionally, but not this cheap," she told Yahoo News Australia.

"I'm usually lucky to get half price or less off."

"There's no particular timeframe I go, I have three kids on the spectrum and my partner in hospital after leg amputation. I'm also pregnant, so just do shopping when I can," she said.

"That night we'd just seen my partner in hospital and stopped into Coles on the way home. I needed other items but always check the meat and cold sections for reduced-to-clear items. The bakery section is another favourite, especially for the kids," she added.

Sometimes timing is everything.

Budgeting tips

Rebekah also shared her tips for budgeting with us.

  • Always check the reduced items section of the supermarket.

  • Have an allowance in your shopping budget to allow for buying in bulk when you see items dramatically reduced, so it doesn't eat into your shopping budget.

  • Keep track of your spending.

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