Mum who lost her son discovers 'disgusting' pamphlet at his grave site

A Western Sydney resident claims she’s found flyers at her younger brother’s grave with the words “Can the dead really live again?” printed on them.

The woman shared her find on Reddit and claims she found the flyer from Jehovah’s Witnesses on the grave at Kingswood Cemetery in Penrith.

She added they found a number of them at the cemetery when the family visited the grave on Mother’s Day – their first without their 20-year-old brother.

“I let JW head office know about the situation, and I was advised that contact would be made with the local congregation,” she wrote.

A woman found this Jehovah's Witnesses flyer on the grave of her brother at Kingswood Cemetery in Penrith on Mother's Day. Source: Reddit/ sparklestheunicorn15

The woman claims she found another flyer “hidden under some trinkets” at another grave.

According to Jehovah’s Witnesses website, the pamphlet provides information about death quoting verses from the bible.

Fellow Reddit users were appalled by the find.

“How upsetting for both you and your mum,” one user wrote.

“Good on you for chasing it up though and for removing the remaining flyers.”

Another wrote it’s “disgusting”.

“My condolences to you and your family as well,” they wrote.

‘We don’t endorse it’

A Jehovah’s Witnesses spokesman told Yahoo News Australia the church understood the woman’s disappointment in finding the pamphlet and has apologised to her.

“If this person is upset then we understand but we’re pretty clear – Jehovah’s Witnesses are not known for putting pamphlets on graves,” he said.

“We’re not aware of any individual actually doing this but we don’t endorse it.”

A Penrith City Council spokesman told Yahoo News Australia the placing of leaflets in the cemetery “is an isolated incident”.

“Council was advised on Monday afternoon of leaflets that were left in the cemetery and a sweep was conducted to remove the material,” the spokesman said.

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