Mum to have fingers amputated after minor dog bite

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A mum faces life without her fingers after she was bitten by the family dog.

Michelle Ellis, 41, from Plymouth, in southwest England, was bitten by the family dog last month and on January 16 she was admitted to hospital.

Her sister Melanie wrote on a GoFundMe page Ms Ellis had flu-like symptoms before she was diagnosed with sepsis.

“Michelle’s organs began to shut down and she was placed on life support, little did we know how close to death she was,” she wrote.

“Sadly, Michelle has suffered damage to her hands due to lack of blood and oxygen to them. We were informed that all her fingers will be amputated.”

Michelle Ellis, 40, is pictured.
Michelle Ellis, 40, is facing losing her fingers after being bitten by a dog. Source: Facebook/ Melanie Ellis

Melanie added her sister’s kidneys were also not working.

She wrote on Facebook on Thursday her sister is now awake after two weeks of sedation.

“We are not allowed to visit Michelle due to Covid and because of her tracheotomy she is unable to speak. It’s so frustrating and upsetting not being able to be by her side to comfort her and not even being able to communicate via telephone,” she wrote.

“The tracheotomy has enabled Michelle to have time off the ventilator and these periods are being lengthened each day with the hope that in time she will be able to breathe unsupported.

“Her kidneys are still not working and the extent of the damage to them is still unknown. She is still unaware of the situation with her hands, they are waiting until she is strong enough to absorb this.”

Ms Ellis’ daughter Keana, 24, told the Plymouth Herald the sepsis infection was caused “by a tiny bite” about the size of a cigarette burn.

Two dogs are pictured.
Two dogs belonging to Ms Ellis. It's not clear if one of these is responsible for the bite. Source: Facebook/ Michelle Ellis

She had been trying to put the dog in his cage. The dog will now be put down.

There have been other cases of dogs infecting humans, leading to amputation, but it is extremely rare.

Greg Manteufel lost parts of his arms and legs, as well as the skin off his nose and part of his upper lip after contracting the germ capnocytophaga from a dog.

The germ is commonly found in the saliva of cats and dogs and almost never leads to people getting sick, unless the person has a compromised immune system.

But Mr Manteufel was perfectly healthy and doesn't think he'd ever used his health insurance before he suddenly fell ill.

The case is extremely rare and doctors at his hospital, Froedtert and the Medical College of Wisconsin, had no explanation for why he got so sick.

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