NSW mum terrified after cat brings her truly unsettling gift

That was the situation one New South Wales mother found herself in after one of her cat’s made the executive decision to add another pet to the family.

Denise Frances just managed to rush her two dogs and two cats to safety after spotting the snake on the floor of her home Southern Highlands home earlier this week.

“Omg does anyone else have cats that bring them these types of presents?” she wrote in a local Facebook group.

The NSW mother received an almighty fright after her cat dragged a snake into their home. Source: Facebook/Denise Frances
She managed to secure the snake using a container before running out of the room. Source: Facebook/Denise Frances

Determined not to let the snake get too comfortable, she made a split second decision to secure it in a large container.

“Found this container and covered the snake… now waiting outside house for my husband to get home and rescue all of us.”

She said her husband eventually returned home and managed to safely pick the snake up in the container and take it down to a nearby river to be released.

The cat has brought owner a gift of a snake in their home on the Southern Highlands in NSW. Source: AAP

“My cat is ok so far… don’t think she has been bitten but will watch her closely.”

A Queensland snake catcher confirmed to Yahoo7 News that the snake is a Highland Copperhead, a venomous reptile that is native to the area.

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