Mum spots obvious mistake on ALDI calendar toy

Nadine Carroll
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ALDI customers have spotted some obvious mistakes in an educational toy calendar that is supposed to help children learn how to correctly identify dates, seasons and weather.

My First Calendar is a toy for children aged 3 years and up designed to allow kids to move around the days of the week, month and year, as well as feelings, activities and seasons.

A mother who bought the toy for her children took to Facebook after spotting a few obvious mistakes that seemed to defeat the purpose of the learning tool.

“Who can notice the two mistakes? How can our children learn if ALDI can't put the correct ones on?” the parent posted on Wednesday.

Almost instantly the post filled up with ALDI customers who commented on the mistake overlooked in the weekdays section.

An ALDI toy calendar, pictured left, that is missing a day of the week and doubled up on Friday. Right: The Aldi logo outside a store.
A shopper shared a photo of her ALDI My First Calendar with incorrect weekday labels. Source: Facebook/AAP

“It’s missing a Tuesday and there are two Fridays,” one person wrote.

“I think the days are perfect, who doesn't want two Fridays?” another person quipped.

“Somewhere out there is missing a Friday,” one Facebook user said.

Several people responded with similar issues they had found on their calendar.

“I got 2 Saturdays and no Sunday, packet wasn’t opened at all!” a shopper wrote.

Another ALDI customer posted a photo with the current year missing from their calendar.

More ALDI calendars with missing parts.
Several other ALDI customers had problems with their toy calendar. Source: Facebook

A few people pointed out the colours of the months and seasons didn’t seem to match the Australian climate, but one person thought they knew the reason.

“Aldi is German... the seasons for the months people are commenting on are correct... for European countries,” they said.

“Germany may have our Australian ones,” someone replied.

A few lucky ALDI shoppers assured the group not all the calendars were faulty.

“Just checked mine and it’s all correct so at least it’s not all of them that are like that,” a customer wrote.

One person suggested although some of the toys may have a few mistakes, there was still a way to salvage them.

“It’s good to laugh. Maybe the children will learn by correcting what’s not quite right, and we live in an imperfect world,” they said.

Yahoo News Australia understands the issue is isolated to a few products.

ALDI customers are encouraged to return the impacted products to a store for a full refund.

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