Mum slams 'lunchbox police' after phone call about unhealthy item

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A mum has called out the ‘lunchbox police’ at her daughter’s school after she received a phone call about an unhealthy item.

The woman took to Mumsnet to voice her frustration after the school requested she come into a meeting about her daughter’s lunch.

“Just had a phone call from school and asked if I could go in for a chat regarding [daughter’s] lunch. She is six and in year 2,” the mum wrote.

“I am irritated as the teacher has looked in [her] lunch bag this morning, which I feel is out of order if I’m totally honest.”

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The offending item is a mini Pick Up bar, commonly available in the UK and across Europe, which is essentially two thin biscuits with chocolate between. The mum attached a photo to the thread to show how small the bar was.

She also explained the bar was a treat alongside an otherwise healthy lunch of a cheese and ham mini wrap with lettuce, cucumber and red onion, cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks, a pot of hummus and grapes.

“I was a bit taken aback that they wanted me to come in,” she wrote.

Photo: Mumsnet
Photo: Mumsnet

The mum also went on to explain that after checking the school’s website it does state they are a chocolate and sweet-free school, however no-one had made her aware of that when her daughter enrolled just a few months ago.

And to top it all off she found out that the school, which actually provides free lunches, also offers dessert.

“Today’s pudding is chocolate cake with chocolate custard,” she revealed. “I am more irritated now I have seen that so bloody hypocritical.”

Many agreed with the woman, sharing similar experiences and slamming schools for having the right to search children’s lunchboxes.

“Is this seriously something schools do/have the time for?! This is insane,” one person wrote.

“Her lunch is balanced, it’s not like she went in with a choc-spread sandwich, crisps, fruit shoot and the biscuit. Tell them you are teaching your child that a healthy diet involves everything in moderation,” another commented.

“Please stand your ground on this, I can’t believe the teacher and the school has time for this. I’m actually lost for words,” another agreed.

Others, however, thought the school was completely within their right to call the mum.

“A no chocolate/sweets rule by the school can only be a good thing can’t it? Healthier lunch for your [children] and you don’t get to be the bad guy.

The habit of eating chocolate as part of a meal, is the issue. It isn’t just about weight.

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