Mum shocked over health official's question for boy, 10, with Covid

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A Victorian mum says she was asked a bizarre question during a routine check-up after her 10-year-old son tested positive for Covid-19.

The mother, known only as Libby, spoke to 3AW's Neil Mitchell on Monday morning to recount the phone call, to which she was asked by the radio host if she was winding him up.

Libby explained this was the second phone call she had received from the health department after her son tested positive for Covid last Monday.

The woman from the health department asked Libby questions about her son's symptoms and gave some advice on how to best isolate.

Pictured is a generic photo, representative of the mum from Victoria who was asked the question over the phone.
The mum was shocked by the question, considering the health department knew her son was 10 years old. Source: Getty Images

"Then she profusely apologised, pre the question and said, 'I'm so sorry, I have to ask this question, is there any chance that your son could be pregnant?'," Libby recounted to Mr Mitchell.

"She already knew he was 10. She already knew as a little boy, that she still had to ask this question."

Fortunately, Libby and the woman from the health department had a laugh and the mother said she explained her son was not pregnant.

She said she didn't tell her son about the question, though Libby did tell some of her friends who also had a laugh.

Libby said she assumed the health department has a list of questions they need to ask everyone when they follow up with positive Covid patients.

When 3AW shared the story to Twitter, one male replied and said he had been asked the same question.

Yahoo News Australia has reached out to Victoria's Department of Health for comment.

It's understood the survey Libby underwent is a standard one for Covid-19 patients in Victoria with anyone who hasn't completed it after testing positive given a phone call by the health department to follow up.

The effect of Covid on pregnant women

While it seems like a strange question to ask in relation to a 10-year-old boy, being pregnant does put someone at more risk of having certain complications.

According to Australia's health department, being pregnant and contracting Covid increases the risk of being hospitalised, admitted to the intensive care unit or being put on a ventilator.

The unborn baby may has be at risk to complications such as being born prematurely, stillbirth or being admitting to the newborn care unit.

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